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$20,000 (OBO)
$20,000 (OBO)

2000 Ford Excursion, 2016 Conversion

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Starting a business, selling for start up funds.

Ford only manufactured the Excursion model for five model years and less than 200,000 ever made it onto public roads. Many that did get put into use were driven into the ground or exported to the Middle East, where the trucks have a very popular following. The end result is that even today, nearly 20 years after Ford stopped producing the Excursion, these trucks still command top dollar, especially in the post-COVID, post-DEF era and especially if they have relatively-low mileage and were well-maintained.

This One of a Kind, 2000 Ford Excursion RWD 6.8L V10 for sale has undergone an updated 2016 F350 look with a complete front-end conversion, including fenders, hood, grille, headlights, and custom-made front bumper from excursionconversions.com. It also features custom-made hood with decorative hood scoop, and a custom Super Duty tailgate, as well as custom-made fender flares modeled after the 2016 F-550 flares. The undercarriage and wheel wells are coated with complete POR-15. It rides on 35″ Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain tires with 20″ Fuel Rims, and the exterior is coated with Raptor Liner paint and custom painted camouflage with a Military theme. Other features include a custom-made rear tire swing gate, 50mm cannon shell custom-made antenna, and custom-made rear lights using 2008 Ford side flare tail lights flipped upside down. Additionally, it has grenades on the driver’s side door (removable), a real Israeli gas mask on the rear above a real NATO decommissioned ammo can where a truck jack is kept, a removable Fallout shelter sign, custom murals, and custom ammo tank used to store the truck jack. Lastly, it has a custom molded “Super Duty” on the rear barn doors. Exterior:

  • Updated to 2016 F350 look with complete front-end conversion from https://www.excursionconversions.com/ (includes fenders with logos, hood, grille, headlights, and custom made front bumper)
  • Custom made hood with decorative hood scoop, and custom Super Duty tailgate
  • Custom-made fender flares both front and rear, modeled after the 2016 F-550 flares
  • Complete POR-15 undercarriage and wheel wells coating
  • 35″ Federal Couragia M/T Mud-Terrain tires with 20″ Fuel Rims (full-size spare included)
  • Raptor Liner exterior paint with custom painted camouflage with Military theme
  • Custom-made rear tire swing gate
  • 50mm cannon shell custom made antenna
  • Custom-made rear lights, which uses 2008 Ford side flare tail lights flipped upside down
  • Grenades on driver’s side door (Removable)
  • A real NATO decommissioned ammo can (this is where a truck jack is kept)
  • Fallout shelter sign (Removable)
  • Custom murals (removable) and custom ammo tank (used to store truck jack)
  • Custom Molded in “Super Duty” on rear barn doors
  • New Windshield


  • Custom interior with suede headliner and “Cuban” King Ranch interior
  • One-touch down windows on all 4 doors
  • Extensive use of FatMat RattleTrap XXX sound deadening https://www.fatmat.com/shop/rattletrap-bulk-pack-205371
  • Black molded carpet https://www.accmats.com/flooring/
  • Updated 2016 F-350 Front door panels and custom made rear door panels.
  • Hydro dipped silver-black skull print for highlights
  • Custom made black seat belts from www.seatbelts.com
  • Updated to 2016 F-350 look, complete dash, door panels, and A-pillars
  • Dash updated to 2016 (2000 cluster integrated into newer dash housing)
  • Door panels updated to 2016, with custom wiring harness for new switches to work
  • Dash and door panels are Raptor lined like the exterior
  • Seats wrapped in all black marine grade vinyl, leather look and feel with embroidered king ranch logos
  • 5% tint all the way around (all removable)

Custom Music System:

  • 12″ sub, 10″ sub, two 10s, 4 mid-range, and 4 tweeters
  • Over 2,500 watts with Android head unit and rearview camera
  • 300 Amp alternator
  • Dual 0 gauge wiring throughout, 10 Farad Capacitor
  • Custom-made kick panels, A-pillars, and sealed enclosures for the subs
  • 4 AudioPipe amps, total of 2500 RMS, hidden away and vented with fans
  • 5-band audio control crossover
  • Auxiliary Battery XS Power D3100 5000 Amp AGM Power Cell Car Audio Battery
  • Battery Isolator – WirthCo 20092 Battery Doctor 150 Amp Battery Isolator with override
  • Professionally wired auxiliary fuse box with micro fuses and Parker relays
  • Two high amp marine grade ground disconnect switches
  • 8 switch custom switch panel molded into the dash
  • Upgraded AC controls from a 2008 Ford

Mechanical Work:

  • New OEM parts from Ford dealer, mostly replaced within the last 3k miles
  • New spark plugs and ignition coils
  • New Mass Airflow Sensor
  • New Idle Air Control Valve
  • New coolant tank, and AC just serviced (ice cold!)
  • New radiator, water pump, cooling hoses, thermostat, and reservoir
  • New transmission rear seal and front seal
  • Differential flushed and coolant system flushed
  • New AC condenser, 300 amp alternator, heating hoses, and oil filter housing gasket
  • New oil pan gasket, starter, main battery, and custom exhaust (pro 300) with catalytic converter delete
  • New motor mounts, serpentine belt, and gas filter
  • New brake booster, master cylinder
  • Custom cross-drilled rotors, and 8 piston calipers from SSBC https://ssbc-usa.com
  • New front and rear wheel bearings
  • New window motors for all four windows
  • New AC blower motor and AC blower motor resistor
  • New blinker/wiper/headlight column switch

Suspension & Towing

  • Monroe shocks all around
  • 6-inch lift kit in front with custom-made rear lift kit to level out truck
  • Complete undercarriage coated with POR 15 rust prevention coating, zero rust southern truck!
  • CURT 45900 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount, 2-Inch Receiver, 6-Inch Drop, 2 and 2-5/16-Inch Balls, 14,000 lbs capacity; however, the truck is rated at 10,000 lb towing capacity
  • Electric Brake hookup for trailers

  Lighting and Electronics:

  • Custom 16 channel rock light system with separate interior and exterior controls
  • 3 sets of HIDs, one for main headlights and 2 sets in the bumper with spare independent controls
  • One roof LED bar and one bumper LED bar
  • Rearview camera and air horn
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  • Seller Type Private Seller
  • Year(s) 2000
    Make Ford
  • Model Excursion
  • Mileage 280k before extensive engine work
    Drivetrain RWD
  • Engine 6.8L V10
    Transmission Auto
  • Fuel Economy 7-10 MPG
  • Shipping Available Yes
    Local Pickup Available Yes
  • Contact Seller:

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    Ad Expiration October 15, 2024